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COA Nomination Packets Due

Behind every Communicator of Achievement is a great nomination packet.

To ensure that your packet is complete follow the checklist posted to the website: Communicator-of-Achievement.cfm.

A few tips in preparing the packet:

  1. If the nomination is not a surprise, spend time with the individual so that you can flesh out the narrative. Spending an hour or two together is a great way to learn more about the candidate’s career and contributions. Often the anecdotal stories help make a candidate stand out.
  2. Ask the candidate or seek out endorsements from a half dozen or so individuals that covers the breadth of the COA’s career and contributions. Keep a copy of each endorsement to share with the candidate. From the endorsements extract a few sentences to include in the packet. Endorsements should total two pages.
  3. Samples of the nominee’s work are limited to two pages. This is often the most frustrating part for those preparing the packets. You don’t have to provide the entire work. You can share the first page of a multi-page magazine article or the leads of several newspaper stories. The work samples are simply that — samples.

The packets are intended to capture the breadth and depth of an individual’s career and contributions. Once you have completed it, why not make a copy of it to give to your deserving nominee?

Nominations for COA, the highest honor bestowed by NFPW, are due May 1.

Mobile Video Editing Webinar April 9

graphic showing a film reel and a mobile phone to the left of text showing the webinar schedule.

Don't miss the Mobile Video Editing webinar, presented by Online Media Campus on Thursday, April 9, at 2 p.m. EDT. Registration deadline is April 6. Registration fee is $35. Each registration receives one webinar connection link. Register today at www.onlinemediacampus.com.

Video editing on mobile or on a computer is an important skill for telling good stories. In this 60-minute session, you will learn to quickly edit short form news and entertainment videos using iMovie for iOS8 on the iPhone or iPad. No matter what device you have or how you plan to edit your video, this session will teach you the most efficient way to edit video stories for multiple platforms.

The trainer, Val Hoeppner, is a digital journalist, teacher, trainer and media strategist who spent 20 years in newsrooms as a photojournalist, newsroom leader and multimedia director. She also spent five years as director of education for the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute. As CEO of Val Hoeppner Media and Consulting, LLC, Hoeppner trains journalists in mobile, social, video and multi-platform storytelling. She is also the Professional Journalist in Residence at Middle Tennessee State University.

Alaska affiliate promises fun, exciting
2015 NFPW Conference in Anchorage

NFPW 2015 Conference Logo

This year's NFPW national conference will be hosted by the Alaska affiliate, Alaska Professional Communicators (APC), September 10-12, 2015, in Anchorage, Alaska.

But the start of the conference is not the start of the fun. APC has arranged for exciting tours into the "real" Alaska, beyond the boundaries of cities and highways. We have trips scheduled to Denali National Park, where you can see Alaska's wildlife in its natural surroundings—everything from willow ptarmigan to black bears, and more.

We also have a post tour scheduled to a small town called Whittier, where you board a boat for a spectacular afternoon of glaciers, otters, innumerable seabirds and, if you're lucky, migrating whales in Prince William Sound.

Sandwiched in the middle of these wonderful tour opportunities is a terrific conference. The year 2015 is Anchorage's centenary celebration, and we are starting the conference with a keynote speaker who will present a multimedia program detailing Alaska and Anchorage's history through video collected by the Alaska Moving Images Preservation Association.

We are also very excited to announce that Dr. Rosita Worl will offer both a keynote speech and a workshop on Alaska's Native peoples, their history and culture modern world, while retaining those attributes that are the hallmarks of their culture. Dr. Worl is Tlingit from Southeast Alaska and a world-renowned expert in her field.

APC has gathered a rich variety of speakers from all walks of media life, from photographers to news anchors to PR specialists, so everyone who attends will find something that interests them. Keep an eye on the APC Facebook page for information on the pre- and post-conference tours and other conference scheduling, or visit the Alaska Professional Communicators website for all the conference information you'll need to make your trip to Alaska an once-in-a-lifetime experience. And, as always, keep an eye on our Conference page here on the NFPW website.

Giving to NFPW and the NFPW Education Fund

A donation is a great way to support NFPW and the NFPW Education Fund, and make a lasting tribute to the memory of family members or friends.

logo with the words NFPW Education Fund that links to the shopping cart when clicked. NFPW Education Fund — Provides educational opportunities for NFPW members and students to broaden their knowledge and skills. It also provides grants to help pay the cost for first timers to attend the NFPW annual conference. The NFPW Education Fund is a 501(c)3 organization, so your contribution will be fully tax deductible. Donate to the NFPW Education Fund.
logo with the words NFPW Endowment Fund that links to the shopping cart when clicked. NFPW Endowment Fund — Provides for NFPW's long-term viability. Donate to the NFPW Endowment Fund.
logo with the words NFPW Operating Fund that links to the shopping cart when clicked. NFPW Operating Fund — Ensures NFPW's many programs continue to operate successfully year after year. Donate to the NFPW Operating Fund.

If your gift is in honor or memory of someone, please provide the person's name and an address to which we can send acknowledgement. You can do that when giving online by clicking the "Add a note for the seller" link on the shopping cart page and typing the information in the text box.

To give online, follow the links above to that fund's page in our online shopping cart, where you can select from several pre-set donation amounts up to $25 dollars. To give more than the pre-set amount, you can increase the number of that item in your shopping cart to multiply the total.

You can also donate by mail. Send your check for your desired donation amount to NFPW - Lock Box Mail, PO Box 34798, Alexandria, Virginia, 22334-0798. Please indicate which fund you are donating to on your check.

Professional Development Webinars from Online Media Campus

NFPW members can now participate in high-quality, low-cost online professional development webinars from Online Media Campus, which is brought to you by the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and Iowa Newspaper Foundation.

A typical webinar is a live one-hour session during the work day, costs $35 per phone line, and is archived afterward for repeat viewing. (If several people want to listen in and participate together in one room, the cost is still $35!)

For a complete list of current webinars, visit the Online Media Campus webinar schedule page.

Affordable Liability Insurance Available to NFPW Members.

Chubb has developed a media liability insurance program exclusively for members of the National Federation of Press Women. The program is affordably priced and is administered by Walterry Insurance Brokers, a brokerage firm that has been providing media liability coverage for over 20 years. Coverage is worldwide and protects you against claims arising from articles you have written which are published or disseminated by others. Information on this program is referenced on our Join page or you can contact the Media Department at Walterry Insurance Brokers at 800-638-8791. Read the full article.

About NFPW

The National Federation of Press Women is a dynamic nationwide organization of professional women-and men-pursuing careers across the communications spectrum.

Membership in NFPW is a solid investment in your career, providing opportunities to develop your professional skills, receive recognition for your work, network with peers, protect the First Amendment, and nurture the next generation of communicators.

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Affordable Libel Insurance.
NFPW members — including freelancers and other individual communicators — are eligible for affordable media liability coverage through a program developed exclusively for the National Federation of Press Women.

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