NFPW professional communications contest review begins

The affiliate entries in the 2018 professional communications contest are in the hands of talented judges all over the country. While the judging is underway, the NFPW Contest Team is already looking forward to the 2019 contest.

This is where feedback is needed from NFPW members. Is there a category you would like to see added to the annual communications contest? Is there something from another contest you think we should consider adding to our contest?

Now is the time to share your thoughts and suggestions about the annual contest.

The entry categories have remained the same for several years, so the Contest team is taking a look at the contest in an attempt to make the 2019 contest even better.

If you have something you wished for another category, we want to hear from you.  Send an email to by March 30. The contest team will take a look at suggestions and share more details as soon as decisions have been made.

Now is your chance. Tell us how we can make the contest even better.

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