NFPW Sponsors Affordable, State-of-the-Art Media Liability Insurance

Although the First Amendment grants us freedom of the press, we all know that this right can’t always protect us. Freelancers and other independent communicators, especially, can find themselves vulnerable if legal claims arise.  

Fortunately, the National Federation of Press Women sponsors liability insurance coverage for members of the news media. The affordable, state-of-the-art plan covers legal defense costs, damages and protection from lawsuits.

This insurance is available to NFPW members who pay dues for a premium professional membership ($139).

Developed exclusively for NFPW by Chubb Specialty Insurance, the coverage is administered by Walterry Insurance Brokers. Both these firms are experts in media liability coverage.

Coverage you’ll get through this insurance program

For only $485 per year (including tax), NFPW premium professional members can obtain media liability coverage with the following features:

  • Comprehensive coverage for all claims arising out of the gathering and communicating of information, including (but not limited to) libel, slander, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement.
  • A dedicated policy limit of $300,000 per claim and $500,000 aggregate; this includes coverage for defense costs as well as settlements and judgments.
  • Coverage for the legal costs of challenging subpoenas that seek confidential news-gathering information.
  • Punitive damages coverage to the extent permitted by law.
  • Full protection of the identity of confidential sources.
  • Worldwide coverage, encompassing press activities engaged in by you, and claims asserted against you, anywhere in the world.

How to sign up for coverage

If you meet the following criteria, you’re automatically eligible to participate in this program:

  • You are a premium professional member of NFPW in good standing and have paid current NFPW dues.
  • Your revenues from professional press activities last year did not exceed $200,000 (before taxes).
  • You haven’t been named as a defendant in a lawsuit arising out of your professional press activities within the preceding three years.
  • You have been a professional working in the press or a related industry for at least three years.

(Publishers of books, magazines, newspapers or websites are not eligible.)

If you meet the eligibility criteria, all you need to do to obtain coverage is:

  • Complete the attached eligibility statement for the NFPW media insurance program.
  • Send the eligibility statement, along with a premium payment of $485 ($242.50 if between Dec. 12 and June 11), to Walterry Insurance Brokers.

You’ll receive confirmation from Walterry that these materials have been received and that you are covered under this program.

If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria, you may still apply for coverage in this program, but your application will be individually underwritten, and a different premium may apply. A program administrator will contact you upon receipt and review of your eligibility statement.

For more details

Please visit or call the media department at Walterry Insurance Brokers, 800-638-8791.

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